Poems From the Island of Nantucket: Limericks of the Rich and Famous

  1. There once was a guy in L.A.,
    Who was a wood-worker by trade.
    But, now he's a star,
    And he still has a scar.
    And, 20 million per movie he's paid.
  2. There once was a guy named Chuck,
    Who was always down on his luck.
    So he drew some cartoons
    And called them legumes.
    But he still thought himself a schmuck.
  3. There once was a woman who penned,
    Novels and plays for West End.
    In many domains,
    Like indians and trains,
    But murders were always a trend.
  4. There once was a guy named Zimmerman,
    Whose Freewheelin' album went platinum.
    He gave his old name a rest
    'cause the new one was best.
    And it came from a poet from Britain.
  5. A woman was famous from Chicago,
    Though she grew up in a town called Kosciusko.
    But what still isn't plain,
    Did she just like the name,
    Or was her favorite Marx Brother Harpo?
  6. There once was a woman from Cali,
    Who was a star in music and TV.
    You may not believe this,
    But she dueted with Beavis,
    And also made lots of movies.
  7. There once was a man form New York,
    Whose religion forbade eating pork.
    His first name may sound phallic,
    But it's not metallic.
    And in his movies he stars as a dork.
  8. There once was a gal from the North,
    Whose wealth has risen in worth,
    Since she was John's mate,
    And incited debate,
    About what she'd seen from her porch.
  9. There once was a guy from New Jersey,
    With great athletic ability.
    But, in Kalamazoo
    Is where he went to school,
    Before signing on with the Yankees.
  10. There once was a martial arts guy,
    Who threw in his hat to vie,
    For control of the state,
    As a candidate,
    From the party of Rent's too damn high.